Limited Edition "It Pieces"

January 2020 - March 2020

Nowadays, naturalness inside and out is the ultimate beauty credo. After all, inner beauty also radiates to our outer appearance – so there's no need for multiple layers of make-up. With the right beauty helpers, we can emphasize our individual beauty in a natural way, without looking like we're wearing make-up at first glance. Natural perfection is also ensured by the Instant Awake Concealer, which is available in five colours in the standard range.


Thanks to its medium coverage and light, buildable texture, the Instant Awake Concealer offers a fresh, alert look and a smooth but naturally matt finish. High-quality, nourishing ingredients also moisturize, guarantee an anti-wrinkle effect and visibly reduce small lines. A soft sponge applicator allows an accurate application down to the inner corner of the eye.

Beauty Tip
When choosing the colour of your concealer, make sure that it is two to three shades lighter than your own skin tone and one to two colours lighter than the foundation. This way, the concealer will cover dark shadows and skin impurities and at the same time create a soft highlight under the eye. Before application, cleanse the skin thoroughly and use an eye cream in addition to your daily care, spread the foundation over your face and blend, then apply the concealer.