Limited Edition "#INSTASHAPE"

July 2018 - September 2018

Contouring is still one of the biggest Beauty Trends and it’s an essential part of every trend-conscious Insta Beauty’s daily make-up routine: with Body Contouring, Tantouring (contouring with self-tanning lotion) and Bronzing, the Limited Edition #INSTAshape by CATRICE unites three Beauty Trends to create a perfect summer look. Unusual application forms and creamy textures ensure a defined Beach Body and perfectly accentuated facial features. Two versatile make-up tools to perfectly emphasize different face shapes complement the Limited Edition.


Contouring cream in a professional roll-on packaging for the whole body. Easy to use, the contouring cream with a matte finish ensures naturally defined results.

Beauty Tip
Tantouring is a mixture of contouring and tanning – the ideal beauty solution for a summery beach body in no time and without going to the gym! Almost anything is possible, a flat looking stomach, a six-pack, slender knees, defined legs and much more. For perfect tantouring results, it’s best to exfoliate the body as the first step to remove small skin scales and make sure that the skin is smooth. Next, prepare the body with a light self-tanning lotion. Once the skin looks sun-kissed, it’s time for the third and most decisive step: work on the areas of the body that should visibly recede into the background. For example, apply the Contour Roller on the outside and inside of the legs to make the thighs look more slender. The results look natural and last significantly longer than conventional beauty tricks.


A duo face brush for the application of creamy as well as powdery contouring textures. Creamy products can be applied accurately and worked into the skin with the help of the sponge applicator. The high-quality brush on the other end is ideal for softly blending powder products and creating sun-kissed trend looks.

Beauty Tip
 For especially natural looking tantouring or contouring results, apply and with a brush and softly blend. The duo brush is a true allrounder because it offers a sponge on one end and slanted bristles on the other. This not only allows it to be used for liquid and creamy, but also for powdery textures. As a general rule: it’s best to apply and work liquid or creamy textures into the skin with a sponge while applying powder with a brush has a natural, light effect.


Contouring has received an upgrade just in time for the summer: Tantouring! Creating contours that stay, thanks to self-tanner! A subtle and buildable self-tanning effect creates optimally defined facial features in just 30 to 40 minutes. The result: a sun-kissed look and perfect contours!

Beauty Tip
To make sure that the result looks flawless and natural, it’s important to first thoroughly cleanse the face with a gentle peeling. This removes excess skin cells for nice and smooth skin. Next, apply the Tantouring Face Gel Self-Tanning underneath the cheekbones, on the temples and along the sides of the nose with a brush. Make sure that you softly blend the texture so that there are no hard transitions. Let it soak into the skin and that’s it, you’re done! Since the face is tinted instead of painted, the result looks particularly natural – and the sun-kissed complexion lasts significantly longer!


Tantouring made easy! The versatile contouring stencils allow you to shade and emphasize different face shapes in a flash. Contouring textures can be applied accurately in a targeted way.

Beauty Tip
Tantouring is reaching the next level with this stencil. It offers application tips for four different face shapes – long, round, triangular or diamond – and guarantees symmetrical, professional results. Select the right side of the stencil to suit your face shape, place it on the face and apply the texture of a tantouring product like the Tantouring Face Gel with precision. This optimizes the shape of the face, makes the contours stand out and gives the complexion a summery, fresh and naturally gorgeous look.