Limited Edition “Glow Patrol”

January 2019 - March 2019

Particularly during the cold season, our complexion is faced with special challenges due to the low temperatures and the dry heating air. But even in winter, beauty lovers want their skin to radiate and look fresh. With the CATRICE Limited Edition Glow Patrol, nothing can stand in the way of a beautiful glow and flawless make-up! Shiny must-have products for a fresh complexion and delicate, shimmering lips ensure a special glow in the wintertime. The matching brushes make it easy to distribute the textures on the face gently and evenly to set natural accents. The result: radiant make-up with a fresh glow effect! The Limited Edition is available from January to February 2019.

Glitter Lip Scrub

The peeling scrub with glitter particles ensures velvety soft lips in the wintertime and prepares them optimally for lipsticks and liquid lipsticks. Thanks to its handy size, the Lip Scrub can be taken along wherever you go. This way, the lips can be treated to an extra portion of care while you're on the move.

Beauty Tip
A lip scrub offers the perfect care and also prepares the lips for products with different textures. Removing dead skin flakes with the scrub will make the lips look velvety and well-groomed when wearing a Liquid Lipstick. It also stimulates blood circulation and therefore provides a natural boost effect.

Glowy Highlighter

The highlighter conjures-up a radiant complexion with light-reflecting pigments and the powdery texture feels wonderfully silky on the skin. With three shades, there is a suitable version for every skin tone to give the skin a gorgeous glow.

Beauty Tip
The highlighter is best applied and blended with a soft fanned brush, e.g. with the Highlighter Brush. To do this, lightly sweep the brush over the product, tap off any excess and then apply to the highest points of the cheekbone, the bridge of the nose and forehead in a targeted manner. Depending on the desired intensity of the highlight, the process can be repeated several times.

Glowy Lip Booster

Fuller lips with a fine shimmering finish? No problem with the Glowy Lip Booster! The Lip Gloss with light-reflecting shimmer particles acts like a Lip Plumper and has a lip boosting effect. Three delicate, nude shades conjure-up an irresistible mouth just waiting to be kissed and perfectly complement any make-up style.

Beauty Tip
A glowy lip gloss makes the lips look well-groomed and full. But the less sticky a lip gloss is, the shorter it often lasts on the lips. A lip liner in the same colour as your lips can be used to prolong its durability. Use it to carefully outline the lips, then apply the gloss in a thin layer and finally, go over the edges again to re-touch the contours. The lip liner thus forms a base for the gloss, sets it in place and prevents the shiny texture from smudging or quickly disappearing from the lips.

Highlighter Brush

Let it glow! No matter whether the cheeks, forehead or bridge of the nose - the fanned brush is the ideal beauty tool to accurately apply highlighters with a powdery texture on the face. It is made of high-quality synthetic bristles and is a real eye-catcher thanks to its elegant golden appearance.

Beauty Tip
A fanned brush is particularly suitable for applying highlighter evenly and accurately on the desired areas of skin. If the highlighter is applied lightly over the cheekbone, it will make it look higher. More roundish faces are visibly lengthened and look slimmer. If the shape of the face is rather elongated, the product can also be applied more generously with the fanned brush to give it a fuller appearance and an optimal glow.

Powder Brush

With the brush made of ultra-soft, densely bound synthetic bristles, various powder textures can be applied evenly and generously. The brush with a golden handle also sets an elegant accent on the make-up table or in the beauty bag.

Beauty Tip
To avoid applying too much setting powder, bronzer or blush on the face upon initial contact with the skin, it is important to first tap any excess product off the brush. This allows you to gradually build the powder. To do this, apply the product on the relevant areas of the face with gentle movements and build depending on the pigmentation and desired intensity.

Pure Radiance Glowrizer

The primer with light-reflecting gel pearls provides the ideal basis for a radiant complexion and perfectly prepares the skin for further make-up. The fresh gel texture balances unevenness and conjures-up a natural-looking glow on the face. The perfect base for natural make-up or a breathtaking evening look.

Beauty Tip
A primer with light-reflecting pigments as a base is an absolute must to ensure that your make-up lasts longer and your complexion looks flawless and glowy - even under a matt foundation. It can either be gently worked into the skin with the fingers or applied and distributed with a flat brush. Then wait about 30 seconds and work the foundation into the skin.