Limited Edition "Genderless"

January 2018 - March 2018

From the beginning of February to mid March 2018, numerous trend products for make-up with no limits are hitting the stores with the Limited Edition “Genderless” by CATRICE. Many international designers are currently using the credo “No Gender, No Limits” as the inspiration for their collections and are consciously sending a strong signal for more freedom. Gender segregation is being perceived as more and more out-dated – a mind-set that requires the matching make-up! With this Limited Edition, CATRICE is giving everyone the opportunity for self-realisation. Seven unique products for the eyes, lips and face create confident looks for a modern me.

Colour-Correcting Luminizer

A natural and radiant complexion – absolutely no problem with the Colour-Correcting Luminizer. The loose powder works with four different shades: soft mint balances out unwanted redness, white provides a fresh glow and soft pink as well as warm rosewood give the skin a healthy, rosy look. Suitable for all skin types.

Beauty Tip
For a natural look, it’s best to apply the loose, colour-balancing powder on the face generously with a round brush. Multi-coloured products like the Colour-Correcting Luminizer are true multi-talents as they make the most out of any complexion with just one application.

Eye & Brow Shading

The 2in1 palette is the ideal beauty helper for anything related to eye make-up: from filling the brows to creating expressive Eye Looks to setting targeted highlights. Two neutral nuances can either be applied individually or in combination for thick, perfectly defined brows. Thanks to the high colour dispersion, the duo can also be used as eye shadow – this creates a harmonious overall concept for both natural and dramatic make-up. The additional highlighter sets accents on the inner corners of the eyes or below the brow arch, makes the eyes shine and visibly perfects the contours.

Beauty Tip
To show the brows in their best light, it’s important to select the correct shade. The 2in1 palette offers two different, intensive colours comprising a light, ashy brown and a dark, neutral brown. A combination of both shades offers ideal, individually aligned results for any colour type. A small highlight on the upper point of the brow not only visibly lifts the arch, it also makes the eyes shine brightly.

Hangover Face Mask

For all night owls and those who don’t feel like dealing with dry skin in the winter: the Hangover Face Mask is here to help! The fresh gel texture provides the skin with moisture and makes it feel pleasantly soft. The silver sheet mask is made up of two parts: one for the bottom half of the face, the other for the top, including the forehead and nose area. Optimal results are achieved by wearing the mask for 15 minutes.

Beauty Tip
To ensure that the Hangover Face Mask can unfold its full effect, thoroughly cleanse the skin before use. Lukewarm water helps open the pores, removes make-up residues and practically lets the skin soak up the caring properties of the gel texture.

Matt Cushion Eye Liner

Expressive eye make-up needs a clear line. The Matt Cushion Eye Liner follows the guiding principle that a line doesn’t necessarily mean a boundary. The liquid eyeliner is highly pigmented and guarantees longlasting, accurate results. Depending on the application and the brush, it creates fine, subtle or broad, intensive eyeliner styles for endless looks with a matt finish. The Matt Cushion Eye Liner comes in a high-quality container and is available in two different colours: anthracite and dark brown.

Beauty Tip
The new natural eyeliners deliberately refrain from setting bright colour accents on the eyes. Anthracite and dark brown subtly align with the overall concept of the make-up and leave more leeway for experimenting with texture. A slanted brush with a straight edge is a versatile helper: the broad edge achieves expressive, thick lines for an eye-catching style, while the thin tip of the brush creates delicate lines, dots or patterns.

Mr. Matt Lip Colour

Mr. Matt Lip Colour – this is the name of the three new lipsticks that create the popular matt effect on the lips. Application is velvety and soft, and the high coverage is especially longlasting without drying out the lips. The silky matt finish gives the look an elegant touch – in a choice of avant-garde grey, intensive plum or a natural, soft peach.

Beauty Tip
Those ready to embrace the genderless look must be willing to cross boundaries and dare to try something new. The warm grey shade “Mr. Independent” is truly pioneering. The statement of independency can be achieved with defined lips as the only highlight or in combination with confident eye make-up. With dark, matt lipstick shades, it’s important to prep the lips – a soft lip peeling smoothens the surface of the lips for flawless colour results.

Ms. Sleek Lip Oil

Searching for a brilliant appearance? The two-phase lip oil pampers the lips and covers them with a touch of colour to transform them into a special highlight. There’s a choice of bold pink, which intensifies the natural colour of the lips, and a soft rosé, which conjures-up a soft glow.

Beauty Tip
If the eye make-up is already eccentric, it’s best to go for a natural lip look. Absolutely no problem with the Ms. Sleek Lip Oil: the soft flock applicator guarantees a simple application, and gives even dry lips a pampered, well-groomed look. The light colour-dispersion optimises the natural colour spectrum.

Peel-Off Brow Tint

The gel-like, highly pigmented eyebrow gel with a tint effect sets the tone! The practical pen with an accurate sponge applicator is available in two neutral shades: a light and a dark ash colour. For natural-looking brows, apply and leave to absorb for 10 to 15 minutes and then peel off the dried texture. Now the brows can be styled as usual.

Beauty Tip
Brows look especially expressive when the colour and shape are coordinated individually. The slight staining effect of the Peel-Off Brow Tint offers a great way to balance out small colour differences for instantly fuller looking brows. To make a statement, colour the brows a shade darker this season!