Limited Edition "Clean ID"

July 2019 - September 2019

Curtains up for the new CLEAN ID Range: Care and make-up products based on environmentally friendly formulas. From eyeshadow to bronzing powder, lip balm and highlighter, the Limited Edition offers everything a beauty heart desires. The best thing is: The products are free of parabens, silicones, microplastics, mineral oil, pure palm oil, exotic and animal ingredients. It is only logical that even the packaging consists of paper and recyclable materials. And as with all CATRICE products, the production of CLEAN ID cosmetics is free of animal testing. Natural cosmetics without compromises - from the production to the packaging to the product.


Time to let your eyes shine! With the four eyeshadow shades in rosé, terracotta, bronze and dark brown, this is done in a natural way, vegan and without animal testing. Pure and perfect for subtle everyday looks, and in combination, the three shimmering nuances and a matt tone ensure intensive eye make-ups. Practical: Thanks to the mini format, your new favourite shades are sure to fit into any handbag.

Beauty Tip
It often isn't easy to find the perfect eyeshadow shade to suit your eye colour. But whether in everyday life or in the evening - the colours of the CLEAN ID Eyeshadow Palette are flattering for blue, green and brown eyes. For a soft everyday look, simply apply "Sensibility" or "Self-Love" on the moveable part of the eyelid with a flat eyeshadow brush and blend well with a blender brush. To transform the look into evening make-up, darken the outer third with "Serenity" using a firmly bound brush and apply "Silence" to the eyelid with your finger.


The new CLEAN ID Lip Balm contains 98 percent natural ingredients, including macadamia and coconut oil as well as shea and cocoa butter. These "natural beauties" make it wonderfully nourishing, moisturizing and revitalizing. The transparent texture practically melts on the lips - for an extra soft feeling and kissable lips. The paper packaging continues the sustainability aspect of the vegan CLEAN ID range.

Beauty Tip
A rich lip balm with nourishing oils is the best thing your lips can wear. If the lips feel dry, it is important not to try and moisten them over and over again with your tongue. This may briefly relieve the uncomfortable feeling of tightness, but it will worsen the condition of the skin in the long term. As soon as the saliva evaporates, additional moisture is extracted and the skin becomes even drier. It is better to apply a lip balm and let it absorb well, then the lips will soon feel nourished again.


Like the kiss of the sun on your skin: the talc-free bronzer with valuable minerals leaves behind a velvety soft finish and a sun-tanned summer complexion. Ideal for carefree hours of sunshine - because it is the first CATRICE Bronzing Powder with a sun protection factor of 15.

Beauty Tip
Applied to the right areas of the face, the Bronzer creates an enchanting "fresh from holiday" look. For a naturally fresh complexion, apply from the ear towards the tip of the nose and blend well. Also apply on the forehead - directly at the hairline - as well as a slight touch above the bridge of the nose. These so-called "sun terraces" are the places where the sun hits the face first. A large, soft brush is best for blending the bronzer. Additional highlights can be placed on the forehead, nose and chin. To complete the look, add a little blush on the cheeks - this conjures-up additional freshness.


Baked mineral powder for a sparkling appearance: The soft touch formula with 96 percent natural ingredients perfectly fits into the Clean ID range. Available in sunny gold-bronze or delicate rosé.

Beauty Tip
With make-up, nothing is better than a highlighter that makes the complexion shine within a few seconds. And here's a simple trick to make it even more effective: Before applying the highlighter, spray the face evenly with Fixing Spray and gently pat it into the skin with a beauty sponge. While the skin is still slightly moist, apply the highlighter to the highest points of the face. This way, the highlighter provides even more radiance - for an incredible glow.