Limited Edition "CLEAN ID"

April 2020 - June 2020

Things are about to get even cleaner – thanks to Clean Beauty PLUS! Because the natural composition of cosmetics products is not only important to us and our bodies, but also for the environment, the Clean ID range is getting lots of new additions. From primer to mascara to fixing spray – the range now includes everything you need for a breathtaking and clean look. And the best thing is: all products are vegan and free of animal testing, they completely do without silicones, parabens, microplastics, mineral oil, pure palm oil, animal as well as exotic ingredients, and the packaging is also designed to be as sustainable as possible.

Clean ID Full Lash Volume Mascara

A gorgeous and breathtaking look can be so natural! The CLEAN ID Full Lash Volume Mascara with 92 percent natural ingredients provides the lashes with incomparable density and nourishes them with bayberry fruit and blossom wax at the same time.

Beauty Tip
To make your lashes look even more voluminous and let them keep their curl all day long, use a lash curler before applying the mascara. During application of the mascara, it's important to colour the lashes in small zigzag movements from the root to the tips to really make the volume and length of your lashes stand out. For extra depth, you can also use an eyeliner to colour the gaps between the lashes on the upper lash line black.

Clean ID High Coverage Concealer

A tired look is so yesterday! The CLEAN ID High Coverage Concealer covers dark circles underneath the eyes to ensure a lasting wide-awake and fresh appearance. Simply dab the liquid concealer on any dark under-eye shadows, red or uneven areas of skin and blend softly with a finger or make-up sponge. For stronger coverage, add an extra layer.

Beauty Tip
The Clean ID High Coverage Concealer is the new holy grail for dark under-eye shadows or skin irregularities. But you can also use it for little tricks with the rest of the make-up. Going for fuller lips? Simply dab a little concealer in the centre of your lips and blend it outward with your fingertips, then apply the lipstick or gloss of your choice. It can also work wonders with your brows: this concealer skilfully covers and evens out imperfect contours in a flash.

Clean ID Insta-Bright Serum Primer

Always ready for a perfect Insta pic! The CLEAN ID Insta-Bright Serum Primer creates a super natural-looking glow and leaves behind a silky-smooth effect on the skin – without silicones and with 97 percent natural ingredients. Applying the primer underneath foundation keeps the look on fleek all day long. And used solo, it creates a naturally gorgeous finish.

Beauty Tip
The Clean ID Insta-Bright Serum Primer can be used on its own or in combination with a foundation.  Applied solo, it gives the face a subtle, natural glow and refines the appearance of the complexion – all without a filter! Simply massage a little of the product onto your cheekbones, bridge of the nose and your forehead gently with your fingertips. When you apply your foundation afterwards, your skin will have a fresh and natural look and will be able to handle the day ahead.

Clean ID Mineral Highlighting Palette

It’s time to shine! A natural shimmer with 76 percent natural ingredients. The baked highlighter powder contains valuable minerals and its supple texture with light-reflecting pigments is sure to give every complexion a gorgeous glow. And the great thing is, each palette contains three perfectly aligned highlighter shades to complement any make-up look.

Beauty Tip
Use a finger or a highlighter brush to apply the highlighter on the raised areas of your face like the bridge of your nose, the cheekbones and underneath the brow arch. This skilfully accentuates your protruding facial features and makes them shine, even allowing you to shape your face a little.  For example, adding a touch of highlighter above the Cupid’s bow of your lips makes them look fuller.

Clean ID Nude Lipsticks

The new Nude Lipsticks are super creamy and glide across the lips effortlessly for seductive lips with a gorgeous satin finish. The lipsticks come in a high-quality, sustainable paper packaging and are available in 6 colours – a matching colour for every occasion! Of course, the ingredients are vegan and 80 percent natural.

Beauty Tip
For a perfectly coordinated make-up look, you can also use your lipstick for other purposes such as blush or eyeshadow. The best way to do this is to capture some of the colour from the lipstick with your fingers and gently dab it onto your cheeks and eyelid until it is perfectly blended. But be careful: less is sometimes more – for a natural look, don't apply too much! Instead, build the colour little by little.

Clean ID Pore Minimizing Primer

The new CLEAN ID Pore Minimizing Primer contains 98 percent natural ingredients and is completely free of silicone. It smoothens irregularities and small lines, provides the skin with a boost of freshness and minimizes pores without blocking them. For a fresh and natural look, apply the primer on its own or use it as a base underneath foundation for a long-lasting flawless finish!

Beauty Tip
Even if we don't see the primer in the outcome of our make-up, it's still there – and absolutely essential for beautiful, long-lasting and smooth results. Before applying the primer, thoroughly cleanse the skin and use a care product to keep your face moisturized all day long. After a few minutes, apply the primer and work it into the skin, followed by foundation, concealer and co.

Clean ID Prime & Fix Spray

Ready for any challenge the day has to offer! The CLEAN ID Prime & Fix Spray can be used to prep the skin for your beauty routine – or to set the finished look in place and extend the durability so that it can handle rigorous fitness training, raindrops and long working days. The exclusive moisturizing formula with rose blossom extract also ensures that the skin feels fresh.

Beauty Tip
This fixing spray is an absolute all-rounder: you can use it as a primer before applying foundation to perfectly prep your skin for your beauty routine and then set the finished look in place with the spray at the end to make it last longer. The little bottle is also ideal for on the go – simply spray on the face for a quick touch-up and boost of freshness when you’re out and about.

Clean ID Pure Eyebrow Pencil

The CLEAN ID Pure Eyebrow Pencil is 100 percent natural and at the same time, it’s the perfect tool to accurately fill in the brows and shape them with the spoolie at the end of the wooden pencil. For a naturally gorgeous look.

Beauty Tip
Before you start filling in your brows, you should find out which shape suits you best. Your brows should flatter the shape of your face and complement your features. If your face is round, for example, straighter brows look best. When shaping your brows, brush them downwards with the small spoolie at the end of the pencil. This way, you’ll see if there are any gaps. It’s easy to perfect the shape by tracing along the brows with the Eyebrow Pencil and then brushing them with the spoolie to blend in the colour.

Clean ID Transparent Brow Fixing Gel

Perfectly defined brows complete any make-up look. The CLEAN ID Transparent Brow Fixing Gel styles the brows and sets them in place for perfect shape all day long. The gel dries quickly and contains 93 percent natural ingredients.

Beauty Tip
With the Fixing Gel, you can get your brows into the right shape, which is then set in place throughout the day. But if you can't manage to style your brows identically, keep cool - eyebrows are sisters, not twins! Since the two halves of our faces are never completely symmetrical, our brows often differ slightly. So, it's not that bad and most of the time, we're the only ones who notice it.