Limited Edition “BLURRED LINES”

September 2018 - November 2018

CATRICE brings the filter effect of a selfie to life! When we take a selfie, we use filters and apps to turn our look into small works of art in a flash. Our make-up can do that, too! No matter whether mousse, primer or powder – with CATRICE “BLURRED LINES”, you can perfect your complexion in no time at all! The skin-refining blur products conceal small skin flaws and ensure a smooth and flawless finish – for a perfect #nofilter look.

Blending Sponge

This beauty tool is sure to perfect your look: use the rounded side of the sponge to generously apply mousse and primer on the face. The soft tip is ideal for a more targeted application around the eyes, nose and lips.

Beauty Tip
The small blending sponge is a must-have beauty tool. You can achieve the best results by slightly moistening the sponge and then using it to capture the product – like make-up mousse, for example. Next, apply on the skin and gently dab to blend. And don’t forget to regularly cleanse the blender with a mild cleaning gel.

Dr. Blur – Smoothing Face Primer

For extra-longlasting make-up: the Dr. Blur Smoothing Face Primer perfectly preps your skin for the application of foundation. Thanks to its light, velvety texture, it feels like a second skin and prevents make-up from settling in any enlarged pores or fine lines.

Beauty Tip
Primers perfectly prep the skin for foundation. First, let your day cream soak into the skin and then gently apply the primer with the fingertips or a beauty sponge. Primers remain on the skin like a soft layer and don’t need to be absorbed so you can apply the foundation immediately. Thanks to the primer, the skin will look smooth and flawless, and the make-up will last longer.

Extreme Blur Loose Powder

Create a perfect blurred look with this powder: the transparent setting powder softens fine lines and skin irregularities for a smoother appearance. Applied underneath or on top of foundation, it instantly provides the skin with a fantastic soft-focus effect.

Beauty Tip
It’s best to use the loose powder after foundation and concealer to set the make-up in place. Gently sweep it over the face with a large, soft brush. The powder is also great for the “baking technique” on the forehead and cheeks – this creates gorgeous highlights and ensures perfect transitions for contouring.

Tinted Blur Mousse

The slightly tinted foundation adapts to any skin tone. It covers redness and visibly evens out skin irregularities to conjure-up a fresh, matte complexion.

Beauty Tip
The light texture of the Tinted Blur Mousse is easy to apply and practically melts with the skin for an especially smooth complexion. Spread gently on the skin from the inside out to visibly refine the area around the nose and cheeks. Don’t forget to blend the mousse carefully towards the neck. Especially suitable for normal and combination skin.