Limited Edition "Active Warrior"

March 2018 - May 2018

Freedom of Movement - mental and physical fitness in harmony with the body and its individual needs. This sporty orientation is reflected in the Athleisure Styling as well as in the Limited Edition "Active Warrior". The focus is on high-performance products that stand out for their long-lasting, sweat-proof textures. Each product is focussed on supporting an active lifestyle and handling even the most extreme situations. Connect with your body!

Epic Active-Proof Luminizer

Creamy, waterproof highlighter with ultra-fine shimmer particles for a perfect glow. The practical flock applicator ensures targeted highlighting of individual areas of the face for a radiant, young-looking complexion. Available in two colours - nude and rosé.

Beauty Tip
Luminizing products make the skin shine radiantly by working with light-reflecting particles. These reflections of light cleverly conceal small shadows caused by wrinkles or uneven skin. The result: visibly smoother, refreshed skin with a youthful glow. Almost like a soft-focus effect for the skin or the healthy glow you get after an extra round of sports.

Epic Sex-Proof Lip Ink

Show your true colours with the intensive Lip Tints. The long-lasting staining effect tints the lips and ensures lasting effects - no matter what the occasion. The light texture feels wonderfully light on the lips and the slim pencil shape sits comfortably in the hand. Two powerful shades - pink and red - underline the confident Beauty Look.

Beauty Tip
A quick and easy way to refresh your look: long-lasting lip products with a tint effect can also be used as blush. The light texture spreads easily on the cheeks and the long-lasting effect as well as the bold shades conjure-up a fresh complexion in a flash. Colour-aligned lips and cheeks create particularly harmonious results.

Instant Blurring Stick

A practical beauty helper on the go: The Instant Blurring Stick offers a visible soft-focus effect in a practical handbag-compatible size. It makes unwanted shine disappear for instantly mattified skin. Can be applied underneath foundation or - thanks to its compact, practical size - simply as a touch-up on the go. The result is colourless and suits all skin tones.

Beauty Tip
As true all-rounders and SOS beauty helpers, Blurring Sticks are a must in any handbag. The powdery texture covers the skin like a filter. Large pores visibly disappear for smooth and flawless skin - even without foundation. Ideal for a quick makeover, on hot summer days or to store in your hand luggage or sports bag.

Life-Proof Liner

Waterproof, long-lasting Kohl Eyeliner, which unites the simple application of an eye pencil with the precision of liquid eyeliner. The soft texture ensures gorgeous, smokey-black results. Thanks to the integrated sharpener in the lid, the tip of the mine can be sharpened on point before every application and is ready for action at all times - so it's quick and easy to create delicate lines.

Beauty Tip
Kohl Eyeliner scores points for its extremely soft texture, which - once applied - can be blended with a brush, cotton bud or even a finger, so it's the perfect partner for dark Smokey Eyes. Thanks to the waterproof and long-lasting texture, the eye make-up stays where it belongs, even on long days.

Make Up Freezing Powder

Performance Partner: The mattifying face powder with a soft-focus effect sets make-up in place for an especially long-lasting Beauty Look. Thanks to its special characteristics - the powder is waterproof and sweat-proof - it can even be used on hot days and before visiting the gym. The silky-soft texture lies on the skin and gives it an instantly matt, smooth and harmonious look. Particularly practical: the integrated mirror for a quick make-up check.

Beauty Tip
A transparent Fixing Powder is ideal for invisibly setting all kinds of foundation in place. It extends the durability of make-up and offers two additional benefits: it's waterproof and sweat-proof. A secret tip amongst make-up artists: apply the Freezing Powder on top of a camouflage product to turn the camouflage make-up smudge and waterproof for longer-lasting coverage of any concealed areas.

Make Up Freezing Spray

Setting Spray with a fine spray nozzle for long-lasting make-up. The Freezing Spray can be used as a primer to prepare the skin for foundation, as fixing spray to extend the durability of make-up, or as a refreshment on the go. Sweat-proof in any situation!

Beauty Tip
The Freezing Spray is used as a finish for a perfect Beauty Look. Simply close your eyes and spray over the forehead, nose, chin and cheeks. Leave to dry and that's it, you're done! The skin instantly looks mattified and refreshed - even without make-up. This is particularly practical on hot summer days or during sporting activities when foundation isn't practical but you still want to look amazing.

Sweat Soldier Refreshing Wipes

Did you party all night long, go to the gym or is it just a hot summer day? These practical Refreshing Wipes are perfect for on the go, gently and effectively remove unpleasant smells and provide an instant boost of freshness. With an invigorating fragrance!

Beauty Tip
Life is often stressful and hectic, so it's no wonder that we can work up quite a sweat. If you're yearning for a quick fresh-up and don't have the chance to jump under the shower, these practical helpers are here to save the day! The Refreshing Wipes are sure to fit into any handbag, and are also ideal SOS helpers to carry around in your hand luggage on long journeys. After a quick fresh-up, you can confidently head into the next meeting.