The presentation at the Berliner Modesalon is focussing on MICHAEL SONTAG ICONICS.

© Gero Breloer

Silk draperies in beautiful colours.

To emphasize the timeless appeal of the designs, various dresses of different seaons will be styled and displayed together.

All of the presented MICHAEL SONTAG ICONICS can be ordered in different colours, at all seasons - to complement the individual appeal of the woman in question.

ASSEMBLY No.16 A/W 2017/18

Michael Sontag explores the ornament and its versatile potential in his 2017/18 Winter Collection.

© Gero Breloer

Not only has the ornament always had the ability to decorate an item of clothing as well as its wearer, but also offers a protective quality.

After all, the decorations capture the observer's eye first and momentarily distract from the wearer, awakening the imagination of the observer.

The fine floral patterns appeal to our delicate feelings, which are usually evoked when we look at something naturally beautiful. The cold of winter contrasts the gentle floral designs and create a heartwarming sense of safety and warmth from within.

The patterns in the collection are printed, applied and woven, and symbolise a variety of layers: from the superficial touch of the fabric during printing to the deeper penetration whilst embroidering, to the emergence of the pattern by weaving. All three techniques create a different feel and appeal to our sense of touch in various ways. While the item of clothing already adorns the body, a pattern offers additional qualities: the wearer as well as the observer are provided with a sensual experience, which unites them emotionally.

© Gero Breloer

The Dressing Room

 Autumn/Winter 2016/2017

Michael Sontags’ latest presentation is built around of the ritual of getting dressed. We witness an intimate moment of transformation that, at a whim, defines the daily appearance of the wearer. Getting dressed turns into a ceremony, a play on images and feelings, outfitting the person with distinctive power. Openness characterises Michael Sontags designs. The wearer is given space to autonomously fill the clothes with an individual note.

Putting clothes on, choosing jewelery and perfume, becomes an act of self-empowerment where the woman defines her image and the impression she wants to make on her environment. Michael Sontag gives us tools to play with while we are inventing our own ideas of beauty.


Spring/Summer 2016

The designer Michael Sontag sees his work as an entity. Therefore he prefers not to define his fashion as a collection, but rather as his general “work”. Sontag sees his production process as fluent. The transitions from season to season build upon each other. His presentations are snapshots without a static character, instead of being reckoned as an attempt respectively an offer.

With this approach the designer wants to blur the common fashion borders and create a generality detached from fashion parameters such as seasons, trends and consumer ages. This approach is evident in the clarity of his designs. Designs which have never been drawn came to life on mannequins through Sontag’s drapery work.

This free concept is materialized in his garments.

ASSEMBLY NO.13 is a natural evolution of former collections. The exploration of how construction and fabric can be manipulated to give volume for today’s women. It’s another experiment on the virtue of clothes in today’s life. A very toned down colour palette appears in elegant silk, cool wool, transparent cotton and soft cashmere loosely draped on the body.

Michael Sontag creates a relaxed elegant look for women who love the extraordinary.