© Gero Breloer

Inside Empire

Fall/Winter 2016

This season Isabell de Hillerin is playing with the shifting angles of our perception. Best pictured by those film noir moments when time stops and camera slowly zooms in to reveal curious details previously left unnoticed causing a dramatic turn in the story. A closer look changes the vision of reality.

To sharpen the mind through irritating images is what serves as a red line in the latest collection. It is inviting you to look twice, for not everything is what it seems.

Asymmetrical cuts, special detailing and hidden layers are an interpretation of the Lynchian mystery. Made in ISABELL DE HILLERIN’s signature style with beautiful cuts, fine fabrics and handmade finishes of traditional artisanry. This collections mood feels like travelling through the past towards the unknown future.

Cutting Edge

 Spring/Summer 2016

ISABELL DE HILLERIN’s Spring/Summer 2016 Collection subtly draws the viewer’s eye back towards distinct cuts that serve as fashion’s fundamental component.

The designer describes the monochrome collection, named CUTTING EDGE, as a “modern construction in dialog with purism, which results in the opposite of fleeting decorations”.

A clear distinction is made to ‘loud fashion’, which is characterised by short-lived designs and colourful prints that only serve to overload its wearers. ISABELL DE HILLERIN consciously counters this by working with clean elements and using classic stylistic devices, such as black and white contrast, to showcase timeless design. She creates elegant purism through her use of fine outlines and natural textiles. The label’s constants – unique craftsmanship through high-quality and consistency – complete next summer’s look. The observer’s glance is, almost unnoticeably so, directed back towards what is truly essential: a woman’s individuality.

The Berlin-based women’s wear label reflects a sensitive, personal interpretation of contemporary and sustainable fashion. Structured cuts are elegantly paired with tradition. Together they form innovative, artisanal compositions through the unique use of Romanian and Moldovan craftsmanship.