AW18/19 “Overture”

In the AW 18/19 collection “Overture” DAWID TOMASZEWSKI continues the journey with Europe, after this summer’s Japan theme. Inspired by the 1960s in Europe, the designer combines patterns and materials with typical Japanese garden motifs.

© Gero Breloer

Tomaszewski took it a step further and was able to create a connection with the iconic Bauhaus print from previous collections. The Koi motif is complemented by the crane bird in the SS18 collection.
Furthermore, he added other animal prints such as leopard, snake and crocodile; paired with natural berry and clashing colours like pink, orange and azure.

The designer continues to use his elegant silhouettes and high quality fabrics. Plaid velvet, the iconic Bauhaus pattern, light silks, cashmere, soft wools, olive green sequins and a range of brightly coloured Swarovski crystals are all combined in DAWID TOMASZEWSKI’s new collection.

Additional inspirations for the collection were found in the abstract expressionist works from Helen Frankenthaler and in the Puccini opera “Madama Butterfly”.

“Overture” will be presented in collaboration with the Polish shoe label Badura and the high-end outdoor clothing company Nobis.


In this year’s Spring/Summer collection 2018, the designer Dawid Tomaszewski remains true to himself and draws his inspirations from art, architecture and his travels to Japan. The collection “Around the Blues“ was significantly influenced by works of the artists Kazuo Shiraga, Azumo Makoto and Sam Francis. Dawid Tomaszewski translated his inspirations into delicate aquarelle prints, elaborate embroideries and japan-inspired applications. Craftsmanship and the love to detail are reflected in every single piece of the collection.

© Gero Breloer

“Around the Blues“ combines elegant patterns with exclusive materials which characterize this collection. The designer exclusively worked with the most luxurious fabrics. Silk, sequin and lush prints and embroideries give the collection a sense of timeless elegance and effortlessness. The colours of the collection range between different shades of blue, yellow, rose and nude tones which stand in contrast to each other and are completed by the vibrant colours of the signature koi print. With “Around the Blues“, the designer is braking new grounds and presents himself in completely new light.


In his new collection, Dawid Tomaszewski remains true to himself and draws his inspiration fromcontemporary art and architecture. The collection „Compositions“ for the Autumn/Winter-Season2017/18 was significantly influenced by works of artists like Kazuo Shiraga, Nikolas de Stael, Jorinde Voigt and Katharina Grosse.

© Gero Breloer

The craftsmanship and the love to details reflect in everygarment. The colors bronze, red, green, blue and beige stand in contrast to each other and formdifferent graphical prints. One will find the Bauhaus-Print in each Tomaszewski-collection. It is theepitome for the name Tomaszewski. This season, nobody will pass by the special mix of graphicalBauhaus and Animal-Prints, such like Leo or Snakeskin, which customize the colors of thecollection. In the selection of fabrics, Dawid Tomaszewski remains true to himself: soft wool,cashmere, silk and specially designed jacquard in the Bauhaus-Print. Exclusive coats made offinest wool and cashmere encounter elegant dresses made of georgette. The collection is completed by creative knitwear and a characteristic scarf collection.


Refining his opulent minimalism, Dawid Tomaszewski’s fall/winter 2016/2017 collection is a composition of voluptuous colors and sensual materials. A collage made of impressions from contrasting poles; rich natural autumn landscapes and Mark Rothko’s color gradients juxtaposed with El Lissitzky’s constructivism and Pedro Cabrita Reis’ graphic structures set this season’s visual frame.

Saffron, orange and red tones mimic the glow of falling leaves, dark greens allude to moose in somber woods, and shades of grey reflect the cold winter sky, capturing the poetry of seasons changing. Boot cut pants, sheath dresses and coats re-interpreted with drapes and ruptures cite clean Bauhaus esthetics and interplay with changing materiality like cashmere-and-nylon yarn, copper-gold jacquard, fine silk, soft fur and Swarovski crystals.

An expanded accessories accentuates Dawid Tomaszewski’s characteristic balancing act between purism and opulence.


Spring/Summer 2016

Dawid Tomaszewski’s Spring/Summer Collection 2016 BOTANICAL BLACK is a symbiotic orchestra of contrasts – industrially inspired deconstructivism and soft silhouettes inspired by nature form an explosion of colour.

Geometric structures in the tradition of expressionist artists like Joris Kuiper oscillate with delicate magnolia blossoms and python patterns, sleek lines with opulent embroidery; tender nude nuances clash with gaudy orange, cold petrol with warm berries, airy organza with smooth cashmere.

Following the tradition of classic couture, the collection reflects a wide range of crafting techniques: the magnolias are flower studies drawn by a Berlin-based artist, the knit is handwoven in Europe, the metal embroidery is done in Indian workshops.

The collection is a continuous derivative of Tomaszewski’s artistic and qualitative aspirations and an ode to an eccentric, female beauty who is ‘mise en scène’ in all her facets through the interaction of antipodes.