Triangle Artist Foundation Brush

010 Essential
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  • Free-standing base
  • Soft-grip handle
  • Thick, synthetic bristles
010 Essential

This product is no longer available.

The Triangle Artist Brushes have a free-standing base, soft-grip handles and thick, synthetic bristles. The innovative, triangular brush heads allow a generous, large-surface application as well as targeted precision work.   

Beauty Tip

The brushes in the Triangle Artist family are presented with a uniform design with a free-standing base and soft-grip handles. Yet each brush has its specialized use. The Foundation Brush has a triangular brush head with a small indentation in the middle, which collects liquid foundation and applies it on the individual areas of the face in a targeted manner. Either generously with the broad side of the brush, or extremely accurately by using the brush edges on the inner corners of the eyes or around the nostrils. 

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