Eyeliner Designer

010 I'm Your WINGman
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  • Flexible silicon template
  • Perfect symmetry
  • Various cutouts
  • Vegan
010 I'm Your WINGman

Perfect symmetry. Flexible silicone template that adapts to any eye shape – for an accurate, curved line. Simply place on the eye from below and follow the shape with eyeliner in two easy steps. If extra drama is required, use the additional cutouts.

Beauty Tip
You don’t have a steady hand, but you still want to achieve absolute symmetry? The Eyeliner Designer allows you to create a perfect line, even if you’re an eyeliner newbie. Most important tip for use: when placing the template on the eye, make sure you are looking straight at the mirror, otherwise the eyes won’t be symmetrical later on. And another tip: if the eyelid is primed with a light eyeshadow, powder or primer before applying the eyeliner, it will last significantly longer.

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Flexible silicone stencil for drawing #instaready eyeliner wings within seconds. Perfectly symmetric wings have never been so easy! The special tool design fits any shape of eyes. Choose between 3 customized looks.
Want more drama? Extend the wings!
Find a detailed tutorial inside!

Text on the inside:
Tip: Look straight into the mirror when drawing.
1. Place the tool at the end of the lower lash line. Draw a line from there in the direction of the eyebrow.
2. Draw a second line from the end of the first line to the upper lash line. The customized wing triangle is complete!
3. Now simply fill in the wing triangle!
To complete the look apply the eyeliner along the upper lash line as usual.

More drama?
Follow steps 1-3. For more drama then fill in your preferred cut-out.

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