WILLIAM FAN, founded in 2015, stands for a classic yet functional style. The designs of the eponymous designer merge east-asian and european elements referring to Fan’s own biography. WILLIAM FAN combines eastern Asian fusioned with European influences by mixing classical tailoring with innovative materials for men and women. This unconventional merging of materials creates a harmonic unison due to a modern tailoring. The designer has always been fascinated by the aesthetics of simple uniforms which he distorts, composes and interprets. The aim of WILLIAM FAN is to both create a product that is accessible and ordinary but also surprises with innovative details. WILLIAM FAN is a classic fashion label which offers ageless ready-to-wear clothing of high quality, as well as practical basic items.

In Spring 2015 William Fan debuted at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin with his eponymous collection. The German designer with Asian roots passed his bachelor’s program at the renowned art college Artez in Arnhem, Netherlands, and then worked for the British couture house Alexander McQueen. After his abroad experience he successfully completed the master’s program at the art college Berlin Weissensee. The label collaborates with manufactures in Germany and Hong Kong and has a high standard of traditional craftsmanship.

Since summer 2016, WILLIAM FAN is part of the Vogue Salon Germany and is one the three mentees of the Fashion Council Germany. In 2016 he was also selected for the „Fellowship Programme by the Fashion Council Germany & H&M“ and his designs are currently seen in the international fashion campaign by Mercedes-Benz starring e.g. singer MIA​.