TUTORIAL: Glam Night Make-Up

How to: Glamorous eye look in just a few easy steps

Whether for upcoming evening events or a more intense everyday look – in the following steps we'll show you how to effortlessly create an expressive make-up look with just a few CATRICE products:

Paso 1

Apply a base & define the brows

First, create a base with shades of the True Skin Hydrating Foundation and True Skin High Cover Concealer that match your skin tone. Then trace individual eyebrow hairs with the ultra-fine brush tip of the Brow Definer Brush Pen Longlasting to define the brows.

Paso 2

Emphasize the eyes

Apply the shade Velvet from the Pro Vintage Soul Slim Eyeshadow Palette 010 Lost In Fairytales on the moveable part of the lid and blend into the crease. Next, apply the shade Amethyst from the same palette on the outer corner of the eye for a smokey eye effect. For more dimension, add the shade Velvet one more time.

Paso 3

Apply false lashes

Add more drama! The reusable Super Easy Magnetics Eyeliner & Lashes 020 Xtreme Attraction work completely without glue. Simply trace along your eyelid with the enclosed Magnetic Eyeliner, let it dry briefly and then attach the magnetic lashes to the lash line, click – and you're done.

Paso 4

Add a touch of lipgloss

Finally, apply the Volumizing Lip Booster 120 Coffee Shot. Thanks to the menthol ingredients, the lips are beautifully plumped up and cooled at the same time.