A European Summer

As technology advances exponentially, the law as we currently know it struggles to maintain authority. Physical borders have become redundant in the face of an uncontrollable, lawless digital realm. It is the prospect of “lawless-ness” which is at the heart of the new HERMIONE FLYNN concept collection.

© Gero Breloer

As a point of departure, FLYNN staged a technological experiment featuring long-term dance collaborator, Moo Kim, and the use of a 3D Sensor Motion Capture system. Through this work, FLYNN explored how the limitations of the technology and the physical body, translated onto a digital figure. The most profound result portrayed a digital figure who did not recognize the “borders” of their own “flesh” or “skin” – arms passed through the torso, legs dissected one another, the head punctuated through the shoulders…

Utilizing the imagery, FLYNN has developed a collection which features classic menswear items, yet caters to the misplacement or duplication of limbs, portraying the physical realizations of a “borderless” or “lawless” reality. With a specific focus on the Western attire of the predominantly white, male law-makers, garments such as work suits, blazers, shirts, and trench-coats have been twisted, shifted, duplicated and reversed, creating an allusion of political disturbance and disorientation.