By Vienna Wedekind

Backstage Photography has always been a great passion of mine. It’s these few minutes before a Fashion Show, where everything gets a little hectic and the air is full of anticipation and hair spray… In these moments you feel like you’re in the epicenter of Fashion.

This time I was invited by the amazing beauty brand CATRICE to capture some behind-the-scenes vibes before the Odeeh Show. I loved observing the buzzing make-up artists, twirling around the models like a swarm of bees. Hands everywhere. Brushes everywhere. And from minute to minute a beautiful creation comes to life.

This year the team around make-up genius Loni Baur created a natural, barely-there look with a dash of summer-pink and torquoise on the eyes. I loved the fact that this colourful eyeshadows just highlighted the model’s personalities and outfits, without drawing too much attention. It was the perfect combination between purity and fun elements. Something that even a non-colour passionate like yours truly would like to try in summer!

Models goofing around with their glowy cheeks, attracted to all the photographers like a moth to the flame. Snapchatting and chewing gums till the final countdown was on. Hands everywhere. Brushes everywhere.

And then it was show time…