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One of my personal highlights at the Fashion Week is meeting Loni Bauer backstage, and I look forward to it every year. In my opinion, she is one of the best make-up artists in Germany: she always inspires me and enhances my enthusiasm for make-up each time I see her. At the Bambi award show, Loni did my make-up and I have the feeling that each stroke of her brush is filled love and passion when she applies make-up. 

At the Berlin Fashion Week, Loni is Head of Make-up for the Berliner Modesalon in collaboration with CATRICE as an official make-up partner. The renowned make-up artist works closely with the designers and CATRICE to create the looks for the shows, which makes it all the more exciting for me to look at the individual products.

This year, I had the opportunity to ask Loni a few questions and she revealed which of the new CATRICE products she used at the shows were her favourites: 

What gave you the idea to create "imperfect" lips for Dawid Tomaszweski's show?  

Loni: Dawid Tomaszewski is happy to experiment - we actually had something even wilder in mind. His collection is a mixture of rock and glam, and the setting for his show was quite dark. So I wanted to break it up a little and create a raw look. He was totally open to that and wanted the lips to look "dirty". The look we aimed for was that the women were self-confident enough to wear an extremely dark shade of lipstick, spend hours kissing, then touch up their lipstick and keep on kissing... I hope that this intention was visible. How did you like it?


I thought it was breathtaking and refreshing! I'm tired of seeing endless variations of the nude look, especially here in Berlin.  

Loni: I feel the same way! Nude is always on trend and often hits the spot, like at Schumacher's show. So if somebody asks me to create a nude look, that's fine, too. It's still international and trendy. But I personally also think that make-up can be a little more playful.  

Marina Hoermanseder for example loves nude, and that's great. In this case, we added a beastly eyeliner look, which ended up looking flattering and feminine in combination with peachy cheeks. What did you think of that look? 


I loved it! Especially the ribbons in the hair to go with the, as you have already mentioned, extremely dramatic eyeliner. A great break in style and a total eye-catcher! Tell me, Loni, which CATRICE products did you like to use during the Fashion Week?  

Last season, we did a lot of contouring - but I feel that this topic has run its course on the catwalk. However, CATRICE has brought out a gorgeous new contouring palette. It's great for everyday use as the creamy texture is so easy to apply. I especially like the highlighter shade - it's beautiful! 

Contouring is on its way out, blush is coming! The trend is leaning towards a more feminine look. Everything in moderation though! So I'm going for a softer style. On the catwalk in Berlin, authenticity is really important. We needed to stay away from mask-like make-up. So I try to set just ONE extreme accent and create an eye-catcher for every look. At Marina Hoermanseder's show, for example, I created a double-eyeliner style. This gives the look a three-dimensional touch. I don't know if you saw it...  


Yes! I was backstage, so I was able to see everything up close. You like creating three-dimensional looks, don't you? At Dawid Tomaszewski's show, I'm sure you used several lipstick shades.  

I always try to individually mix each shade of the CATRICE lipsticks for the designers. It's great that the different nuances can be combined so beautifully. For Dawid's lip make-up look, we even worked with a brown eyeliner pencil. You have to play with the products so it's ok to use them for something other than their intended purpose.

Loni's favourite products backstage

The new CATRICE Contouring Palette, the Nude Illusion Loose Powder and the new Trio-Blush, which can be mixed and matched individually. I have to admit that I bought all three products at the train station in Berlin before my journey home, because I trust Loni's opinion 100%.