Of daydreams and unknown worlds

Succumbing to one’s inner imagination, the escapism of dreams, lingering in a trance. Daydreams – that state between waking and sleeping and a time of undisturbed ideas – are what provided the inspiration for the new fall winter 2018 collection entitled “Daydreaming” by MALAIKARAISS.

© Gero Breloer

Inspired by the far eastern culture of Japan, in her 15th collection Berlin-based designer Malaika Raiss is taking us on a journey into an unknown world. The mystical aura of the geishas, who seem fragile and delicate yet unapproachably strong at the same time, is also expressed in intriguing design contrasts. Softly draping flounces, round cap sleeves and tie collars meet boldly emphasised shoulders on jackets. Cleverly positioned zippers and layering experiments make the looks versatile and also help the wearer to shift between manifestations and different worlds.

The theme of versatility is also conveyed by the collection’s wide range of colours. Vibrant tones are broken up by delicate mélanges and an interplay of structures. Drawing inspiration from the colour scheme of sculptor Arnold Goron, nuances of warm vanilla-yellow, darkest navy, powdery blush and an atmospheric brown-khaki mélange form the basis. Dark rosewood, vibrant cyan and pure lipstick-red add accents.

A provocative print on silk crêpe references the traditional Japanese ‘kitsune’ bear mask and has already become a unique highlight of the fall winter 2018 collection. Super kid mohair and merino wool are giving voluminous handknit sweaters a soft and delicate look, while silk-satin, patent leather and marbled chintz are creating intense shine effects. The flowing nature of the materials is broken up by small ruffles and appliqués. Oversized buckles add further exciting contrasts and are testimony to the label’s fine eye for detail.

And in the fall winter collection, the MALAIKARAISS jewellery line is once again not only an accessory, but a veritable highlight. Extravagant earrings and jewelled necklaces made of seemingly infinitely winding golden loops invite the wearer to dream. Delicate earrings and chains with movable crystal details are reminiscent of filigree dreamcatchers.

A significant part of the 15th collection by MALAIKARAISS is the first cooperation with traditional hosiery label KUNERT. The result of this cooperation is a range of tights that stands out with sophisticated patterns and yarns and is based on the colour spectrum of the ready-to-wear collection. The collection will be available to purchase from July 2018.


“Imagine all the people Living life in peace”  
John Lennon 

A Summer of Love – A time when society is defined by acceleration, as well as political conflicts, is also a time of longing. We yearn for quiet moments full of peace, wish to experience freedom and feel love. These yearnings are the base note for the new SS18 collection THE WORLD DESERVES FLOWERS by MALAIKARAISS.

© Gero Breloer

The 14th collection by the Berlin designer intentionally rings in softer tones. They reveal themselves in flowing filigree nineties-style silhouettes, subtly flattering our feminine contours with their sophisticated cuts. Swinging skirts celebrate a zest for life while slits in skirts allude to hidden femininity.

A particular highlight is the floral print, developed in exclusive cooperation with Danish artist Signe Kejlbo. From her work “The World Deserves Flowers” a complex allover pattern evolved, the leitmotiv for the entire collection. In addition the ornamentalism of the Taj Mahal is reproduced as a jacquard pattern in selected knit and jersey styles – an allegory of love as the prevailing mood.

Striking menswear elements like fitted suits, menswear shirts and starched collars accentuate the tender atmosphere in a playful way while exuding potency and a self-confident look.

The premium material mix of lightweight merino and mohair ribbed knit in combination with gossamer metallic linen fabrics emphasises the mood of well-being and delicacy. Pearl embroidered patches, appliques and decorative brass buttons reprise the label’s characteristic eye for detail.

The colour palette corresponds perfectly with the basic mood: soft white hues of vanilla as well as darkest teal green transmit peace and tranquillity, while accents of striking strawberry red and fun marshmallow pink add some high spirits to the mix.

The accompanying jewellery line harmonises with the spring/summer collection 2018 and presents floral shapes in artistic outlines of white and yellow gold. The range is rounded off with typical MALAIKARAISS motifs like oversized pineapples and giraffes. Swarovski crystals and freshwater pearls add the appropriate nuances.


Non· con· form· ism: noun – an attitude or approach that diverges from prevailing socialnorms and conventions

The time is now – women are extricating themselves from the corset of society and thedictates of fashion, shedding the restrictive labels of our times. Instead they are enjoyingtheir femininity, while not shying away from emotion, celebrating their feelings, daring tobe vulnerable without resorting to sentimentality. These are the tenets the designer Malaika Raiss has made her own in the creative process for her new FW17 collection.

© Gero Breloer

MALAIKARAISS consciously breaks with the concepts of unity, harmony and purity,taking the number 13 as her departure point to create deconstructed, feminine andself-confident designs. Accordingly the designer marks out a turning point for womenwho break with proscribed perfection and prefer to see fashion as a statement akin to aprotective shield.

Classic menswear elements accentuate flowing, soft silhouettes. Streetwear influences aswell as a hint of boyish attitude define this daring collection. The designer Malaika Raissshows her true colours once again with her clever combinations of micro-floral prints,soft lines and an authentic overall picture in a subtly decelerated pensive mood.

Chunky knits, monochrome looks in men’s shirt fabrics and outdoor textiles create thecontrast to the typical filigree dresses by MALAIKARAISS, which feature special pleating,frilling and XL volumes.

A high quality selection of finest fabrics like crêpe de chine with vibrant red poppy print,merino fabrics in electric pink, and perforated nappa leather, ensure a feel of “effortlessstyle” and underline the attention to detail and the nonconformist look ofMALAIKARAISS.

The accompanying jewellery line perfectly harmonises with the fall/winter collection2017, adding the final perfect touch with playful oversized earrings and fan-shaped pendants, partially studded with Swarovski elements.



Secret Hideaway – deserted Caribbean beaches and the luxurious hideaways of the music bohemians in Mustique, Aruba or St. Barts provide the inspiration for the “Beaches” collection by designer Malaika Raiss. It is as rebellious and sophisticated as the daughters of rock legends. Forms influenced by the natural and abstract shape of shells accentuate the otherwise geometrically flowing silhouettes. 

© Gero Breloer

Porous textures and blurred, translucent blossoms meet upon stripes and polka dot embroidery to create an eclectic overall picture. The colour scheme of the collection remains consistently pure and reduced, yet subtle influences of the multi-facetted Caribbean architecture are visible: off-white and signature blush-rosé unite with poppy red, canal blue and khaki.  

The interaction of transparent and opaque volume creates an impression of multi-dimensional complexity.   

Softly falling flounces and Godet inserts for the dresses and skirts; oversized jackets and parkas to present a striking contrast and convey a sense of “luxurious softness” thanks to the premium fabric selection and the use of elaborate needlework. Structured pleated silk, light viscose-crepe, chunky linen bouclé and soft Alcantara as well as extremely delicate modal knits with playful applications underline the diversity and the contemporary look of the collection. 

The accompanying jewellery line finds its inspiration in the Andromeda Galaxy, voodoo magic and Caribbean myths. The choker necklaces, colliers and oversized bracelets are enhanced with a unique rosé-metallic finish. 

The label is extremely grateful for the Senate Administration for Business, Technology and Research’s support with its first defilée at the Berliner Mode Salon (Berlin Fashion Salon).